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A Used Car from Schumacher Chevrolet of Livingston is a Smart Choice

New Jersey drivers need a car that is dependable, but they also want something that is a good value for their money. That is one of the main reasons why they stop by Schumacher Chevrolet of Livingston when they are in the market for a newer used car. One of the best reasons to choose a used car is value, but here are a few more reasons to consider buying used. Let us tell you about the benefits of purchasing a used car from Schumacher Chevrolet of Livingston so you can decide for yourself! Shoppers will find us conveniently located less than a half hour outside of Newark on W Mt Pleasant Ave in Livingston, NJ. 

Choose from Top Brands

Our dealership has over 500 used vehicles in stock from top brands such as Chevrolet, Buick, Ford, GMC, Jeep, and others. A diverse selection is one of the main reasons to shop used, and when you shop used, you can often compare similar these cars side-by-side. For instance, if you are in the market for a truck, you could compare the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 to the Ford F-150. You are not limited to only one brand, which means that you can make an honest comparison and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Variety is one of the main reasons why people choose used over new. The amenities and options packages that are available might be much larger than for the few new models that are released every year. Many times, you may find new cars simply offer the old model with a few updates. So, when you buy used is that a car that is only a few years old, you may still enjoy the most recent updates and amenities for considerably less.

Driver Experience

Another reason to consider a used from our Livingston, NJ Chevy dealership is that a used car with a few miles on the odometer already underwent its "breaking-in" phase and is ready for the road in West Caldwell. A new car depreciates the most in the first few years of ownership, meaning it loses value. However, if it is well cared for, there is not much actual difference in the car itself, just the price. Likewise, the listed gas mileage of a new car might differ once it has been out for a few years and tested under normal, daily driving conditions. With our used cars in Livingston, there is a wealth of information available from drivers who have actually owned the car and driven it, as most come backed by a free CARFAX® Vehicle History Report. 

Through these detailed reports, compiled by our service center technicians, you can get information on the current market value of your chosen used car from reliable sources that keep statistics on such information, such as Kelley Blue Book® (KBB®). This historical information can be a valuable tool when it comes to understanding exactly what you are getting for the price.

Save Now and in the Future

The short-term savings are obvious when it comes to buying a used car, given their lower sticker prices. A used car saves you money in the beginning, but it can also add up to long term savings, too; for instance, used cars often have lower insurance rates than for a comparable new car. Likewise, drivers in Hanover and beyond might find renewing registration on their vehicle more affordable each year as these rates tend to decrease the more years and mileage you put into a used car. 

Make sure to check with your insurance carrier and the New Jersey State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on these rates before you buy. Even if you do not see many differences between the same model of a three or four-year-old car, your insurance carrier will see a difference.

Check Out a Used Car Today

As you will see upon arrival here in Livingston, all of our used cars are kept in exemplary condition so that they may continue to bring you many more outstanding years of great driving. Come check out one of our used cars for yourself today and test drive one here at Schumacher Chevrolet of Livingston. You will find us just a 20-minute drive north of Summit using John F Kennedy Parkway. See you soon!

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