At some point or another, you’ve likely heard someone in the automotive service industry urge you to have your tires rotated. You may be wondering, though, "why is this such a big deal?" In fact, rotating your tires regularly is partially for protecting your safety and partially to help you save money. Therefore, this advice is well-worth heeding.

When it comes to guarding your safety, rotating your tires is important because each of your tires wears differently. Depending on where they are located on your vehicle, each tire will receive different forces as you drive around Livingston, NJ, leading to different wear patterns. Over time, the tires that receive the most force will wear down more quickly, which can put you at risk of losing traction in adverse weather. If you rotate your tires, though, each tire can wear evenly, allowing for maximum grip at all times.

As far as saving money, even wear is key here, as well. Since each tire is receiving an equal amount of wear as it's rotated around your vehicle, you won’t have to replace anyone tire before the rest. Therefore, you’ll get the maximum amount of mileage out of all four tires, extending the time between tire replacements from Schumacher Chevrolet of Livingston.

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